img-02When Agnes S. began her program at S&C, she was not very familiar with computers, but she was determined. Agnes was a quiet student in the beginning; however, as time went by she became very involved in the classroom. She was nominated as the Vice Ambassador to the students. Every week she would volunteer in the student meetings giving the students her inspiring words and encouraging them along in their training. While still a student, during a recruitment event in Kendall which was coordinated by Angel and Cecy, Agnes had the opportunity of being interviewed by the visiting Alorica HR representative. Her personality shined during the interview and she was offered a job.
I remember the day she finished her program and was already working in her new training related job. Agnes was about to walk out of the building ,then turned around to us and said, “I just want to let you guys know that I could not have done my new job or the training for it if it wasn’t for you and this school. I want to thank you for all of your help, and I really appreciate all that you have done for me.” Needless to say it was very touching moment. – Gladys and Nicole
Thank you to the entire Kendall Team for your support, encouragement, and assistance with job search which obviously has positive impacted Agnes in a meaningful way!!!!!


At a recruiting event in Kendall this week to pursue On-The-Job opportunities for our students through CareerSource and area employers, this is the feedback that Cecilia B. received:

When the above invitation was extend to students at the class meeting yesterday, I was initially skeptical since I had no intention to apply for jobs at the moment; my intention is to finish my coursework and seek employment thereafter. I am happy I gave the matter further consideration and decided to sign up… I want to express my profound gratitude to the both of you in Career Services for the invaluable service and guidance which you provided yesterday and this morning. Thanks for ensuring I got the necessary documentation per the checklist and for providing photocopies of the documents to the representative.

I have always admired the care, dedication and attention provided to students by the team and I wish to express my personal heartfelt thanks for the opportunity afforded to me when I signed up for the event. As I progress towards the completion of my course, I look forward to working with you for your continued guidance and assistance as I build and complete my career portfolio. Many thanks for all you do.

Best regards, J Perlin V.


I would like to acknowledge Lillian P. Lillian demonstrates great work ethic and exhibits amazing teamwork on a daily basis. Lillian has become an important asset to the FA team, whom throughout the years has had many different roles in our department. Whatever the new role is, it does not matter to Lillian as she is always determined to give it her all and succeed. Lillian is a seasoned FA rep who is always willing and available to mentor others in the department. Lillian has been instrumental in achieving success in both In-school and Cyber. She is an integral piece of the FA puzzle and I am grateful to have her experience and passion in our department. Thank you Lillian for all that you do!!!! -Mauricio.

I feel welcome in this school - Yanet F.

To the Sullivan and Cogliano Training Center Staff and Faculty Instructors:


My name is Yanet F. I started in Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers to study English as a Second Language in October 13 !2014. So far I am very pleased with all the process I have been through i n the school. People are very nice, I feel welcome in this school.

My instructors   are very helpful. They encourage and motivate me with my studies. They are always available when we need some help or if I need an explanation about anything. I feel that I am progressing, my communicative skills are improving little by little. I like the course, the lectures help me a lot to better my communicative skills, also if I am in doubt the instructors always have time for me they never say no . I feel like I would recommend this school to friends and family members .


Words of encouragement are heartfelt - Robin L.

I began my journey to earn the Microsoft Office Specialist certification in August 2014. I had been out of graduate school for many years and I was nervous about going back to school and doing it online. There have been times that I felt overwhelmed and frustrated. However, from the moment that I arrive at the Miami campus, I feel at ease. The staff is always upbeat and supportive. Words of encouragement are heartfelt.

In the computer lab, instructors Christian, Raudillo and Rene are available to answer questions and clarify lessons in a manner that is friendly and not condescending. They are competent in their knowledge of the curriculum. You are approached with a positive attitude and, if needed, an instructor will take you step by step to explain a confusing concept. There are no dumb questions so, you don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. Patience is a virtue that they share.

My decision to attend Sullivan and Cogliano was a good one. It would be a good one for you too.


Robin L.

I have learned quite a bit - Yanet A.

My name is Yanet  A. I started studying English at Sullivan and Cogliano on February/3/2014 and graduated this month, on December/2015.

My teacher is helping me write this letter, but I have to say that I have learned quite a bit if I compare to the first day I came to class.

The Instructors have always treated me like family and have been very helpful.

Every time I call, they come as quickly as they can and answer my questions.

I will surely recommend the school to family and friends.


I feel like home here - Mercedes F.

I am a new student at Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers. My name is Mercedes F.
I am a English as a Second Language student I began in October 29, 2014.
I have a good opinion about the school, people are very nice, always willing to help, this makes me feel very comfortable and confident.

In regard to the instructors I have to say that they are very professional, if I have any concern, it doesn’t matter if it’s not related to English they are always ready for helping me, so I am very pleased with them even though I have been in the school only for a few days

This school will be recommended to relative and friends, I feel like home here.

Mercedes F.

You have very professional instructors- Arley M.

My name Arley M. I began to study in this school on September, I have been her for a year or maybe a little bit more.

I have a very good experience from the school, I feel very well here, so far no problems, I would like to say that you have professional instructors, they are always motivating us to continue with our studies in the future, that learning English is just the beginning of a brighter future .

The instructors provide us with a feeling like to be at home, creating a very friendly environment that makes feel confident.

I am better prepared now, I have to deal with a lot of people, and my communication is improving.

I have recommended this school to friends, and I will keep doing it because I like it here Thanks for being so nice to me

It's like a family - Edith

I started school at Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers in May 2014. When I came in the counselor Mayline was extremely helpful. First, she explained every aspect of the school to me which helped me decided what field I wanted to study. Therefore, I chose to study Microsoft Specialist with Medical. During my time here I learn a lot from the instructors to the counselors. I want to thank Rene and especially Christian for all their support. When I needed help with my schooling they were there to walk me thru. It’s like a family her especially on Tuesday mornings. Now that I am at the end of my study, I want to thank everyone for their help and support.

I am Looking forward to my graduation. Thank you.
Sincerely yours,

Edith C.

I feel part of a big family - Jaqueline M.

My Names is Jaqueline M. and I started classes here at Sullivan and Cogliano on April 11,2014.
I enrolled in the Microsoft Office Specialist program, with the intentions of finding a rewarding career. I think the instructors here in the classroom are very helpful with both my courses and my job
I recently graduated and I am now in the process of finding a job with the skills that I have acquired In the classroom. They have been and continue to be helpful whenever I have a concern or any question that needs to be answered. They always promptly guide me in the direction the answers that I am looking for. Being in this school has made me feel like I am part of a big family
and I am given the confidence •and knowledge that I need in today’s job market. For this I will recommend Sullivan and Cogliano training centers to my friends and family.