With Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers, You Get a Partner

Once you select Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers, you can look forward to more than just a conduit for education. With Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers, you get a partner in your future. We are vested in not only teaching you but providing assistance in helping you put your newly-learned skills to work.

Your career preparation may begin in the classroom, but it doesn’t end there. And neither does our commitment to you.  At Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers, Career-focused education is about getting the training that employers are looking for and the follow-up assistance provided by our Career Services team. Our goal is to help you find the right opportunity and employer for you and your future.

The Career Services team can help you showcase your education and skills and secure employment. Our dedicated staff can help you develop your resume, prepare effective cover letters, and practice your interviewing techniques. You’ll also learn the value of networking and how to successfully make the connections that could help you get the job you want and the career you deserve!

Our Career Services team will discuss making the transition to the workplace with you, covering topics such as:

  • Targeting the right career
  • Writing an effective resume
  • Making networking work
  • Secrets of a dynamic interview
  • Negotiating salary and benefits

Sullivan and Cogliano graduates have gone on to work for major companies like Comcast, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, United Van Lines, H&R Block, Humana and Capital One. Learn how to manage your career, perform on the job, and achieve the work and life balance that you’re looking for – all with the help of our Career Services team.


Student Testimonial

Shannon - Office Professional Graduate

The best part about Sullivan and Cogliano is their training schedule. The hours are so flexible that you can do this and still have a life. I was able to go to School everyday, and still get home and manage to do what I normally do with my kids.


Sean - Information Technology Graduate

Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers gave me all the skills, knowledge and tools that I needed to go into the IT field.