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Welcome to the Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers Employer Center! View our employment partner testimonials below, or post your job openings:

I remember a few years back, when Angel S. Llamazares, Career Services Team Leader at Sullivan and Cogliano, called me asking if we would like to be involved in the Internship Program. This call could have not been better timed. We were going through an exceptional workload season.... I was given a choice of 4 candidates of which I selected Theresa because of her personality. She assisted us in various departments: Customer Service, Front Desk and also in Provider Relations. Theresa would accept any assignation regardless the degree of responsibility. This was an exceptional experience. She brought relief to us and her performance was impeccable.
C. Asorno, Pro Medical Plan
It was a pleasure attending the Job Fair for Sullivan and Cogliano at the Kendall Campus. I was impressed by the quality of candidates we met with and their level of professionalism. They were dressed to impress, had a copy of their resumes, and were asking the right questions. You are doing an outstanding job preparing your students to interview with employers. This will definitely increase their chances of finding a stable position with a good company. I have attended several job fairs in the past months and your candidates were the most prepared. I also appreciate the warm hospitality provided by staff. Thank you for the pictures and the follow ups. Please count us in for future job fairs.
Gretter Blanco, Manpower
You provided us with one of your recent graduates, a very personable intelligent person, who was also reliable and dedicated to her work. We are very pleased with your help and should we need additional employees in the future, we would not hesitate to contact you again.
Gary Siegel, Alta Star Software
I have continued working with your Job Development Specialist and several other Career Service Staff at Sullivan and Cogliano. They are always there to assist us. I openly recommend this Internship program to any employer. Give an Intern the opportunity to lend you a hand and to develop his/her abilities. They are priceless.
C. Asorno, Pro Medical Plan