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Flexible schedules for both classroom and online learning is just one reason why many career-oriented students choose us

Get Career-Ready On Your Schedule with
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Get To Know Us

You have your own way of doing things, your own way of thinking. For you, forging your own identity in this world doesn’t always mean following the crowd — you choose your own paths. At Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers, we strive to be the exception rather than the rule. Traditional methods of higher education are not for everyone. So, if committing to a traditional four-year university or two-year community college degree is not your style, take the time to get to know us better! We can help you achieve your career goals through training on your non-traditional terms.

Our Programs Prepare You for Career Readiness

Why should you have to take courses that cover a broad range of subjects that aren’t dedicated to a field you are interested in? Zero in on your target career instead! Choose a program that is right for you and take the most direct path to achieving your goals. Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers is a nationally-accredited career training school with focused training that concentrates on helping you develop the skills employers are looking for.

Top 5 reasons why students choose Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers:

  • Flexible Classroom and Online Schedules
  • Placement Assistance
  • Financial Aid Available for those who qualify
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Accredited by the Council on Occupational Education

If you are looking for a meaningful career, advancement opportunities or increased skills, our programs may be right for you. Take the next step into your future and find out how our career training can make the difference you are looking for.

Since 1993, Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers has improved the lives of over 13,000 students. Now let us change yours.

Career Training in Florida or Online!

Take a look at your situation. What makes more sense, turning your life upside down to accommodate someone else’s plan for your education or making your own plan? At Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers, we understand that preparing for a new career should not mean putting your life on hold. Our students include adults looking for part-time training in the evenings or weekends, dislocated workers needing to gain skills for a new job, and recent high school graduates attending full time. Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers has a lifestyle-friendly program that is right for you.

No matter where you live or how busy you are, you can make education work. We have our campus in Florida, that offers flexible scheduling. If you are looking for greater flexibility, our online programs give you 24/7 online access to your training. When you think about it, there is really nothing standing in your way.

Is Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers Right For You? Get More Info…

For more information on career training and to explore if Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers is right for you, check out our programs, contact us by filling out the form on this page, or give us a call at 305-624-3030