Is Online Learning Easy?

Conventional wisdom says that online learning is easy, and therefore it isn’t worth your time. As it so often is, conventional wisdom is dead wrong about that. Online learning is simple, sure – it’s straightforward and uncomplicated – but it sure as heck isn’t easy. Just like traditional schools, some online institutions are known for

How does the Role of Legal Office Assistant Differ From Other Jobs in a Law Office?

How does the Role of Legal Office Assistant Differ From Other Jobs in a Law Office? Paralegal, legal assistant and legal secretary – what do these positions specifically do? There are many roles within a legal office that collectively work together to support lawyers and keep the law firm or organization running smoothly. It is

What Does A Network Administrator Do?

Are you adept with computers and the information networks they are part of? If you are looking for a job with good pay and a bright future, you may want to consider becoming a computer network administrator.  According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics* the United States will need over 30,000 new network administrators between 2014 and 2024.

What Does A Billing Clerk Do?

  If you are good with records and looking for a career with a bright outlook, Billing Clerk could be the career for you. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field is growing faster than average, and will hire 174,100 over the next ten years. So far so good, but what does

Job Fair at Kendall Campus a Big Success

How successful was the Kendall Job Fair last week?  It was excellent, according to the Kendall campus Career Services manager, Angel Llamazares. The job fair featured human resources personnel from five local employers: Seaboard Marine Phoenix American Insurance Group Leon Medical Centers Alorica Dade County Federal Credit Union These employers conducted over 20 interviews, and have

How to Become a Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Do you love working with employees? Have you ever thought of helping other staff members with understanding their company benefits or arranging exciting company events? Would you even like to help in the hiring process? If any of these exciting projects catch your interest, then exploring courses focused in the field of human resources may be just

Web Development Career Outlook: 2016

Web Development Career Outlook Twenty years ago, there was no such thing as a web developer. Now, everyone from large corporations to small non-profits need to have at least one web developer on their team. Because the web development career category has been growing so quickly, many developers in the field don’t have a degree in web development.

Top Career Outcomes With a Help Desk Certificate

As the name implies, people who work at technology help desks are there to troubleshoot when someone has a problem. Consequently, these employees should know about both Microsoft Office applications, and information technology concentrations like CompTIA’s A+ and Network+. But what if you don’t want to be at a help desk forever? What career outcomes can you expect in

Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers Appreciates Teacher’s Day

Thanks to Our Amazing Teachers! The impact a good teacher has on our lives is priceless and often immeasurable. Many people, even in adulthood, appreciate teachers who improved or changed their lives when they were growing up. But not everyone has what it takes to be a teacher; that’s why it’s important to let our teachers know how