Top Career Outcomes With a Help Desk Certificate

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As the name implies, people who work at technology help desks are there to troubleshoot when someone has a problem. Consequently, these employees should know about both Microsoft Office applications, and information technology concentrations like CompTIA’s A+ and Network+. But what if you don’t want to be at a help desk forever? What career outcomes can you expect in the longer term?


To begin with, you have a better opportunity to start your career with some momentum. Employers definitely train their help desk staff to make sure they have a grasp of specific issues before they start taking help tickets. But a candidate applying for one of these positions who already has a head start on Microsoft Office application, A+ and Network+, will be much more attractive to potential employers. When an employee comes with hands-on experience, employers save training time and resources.

A Help Desk Network+ Certificate Program at Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers can give you this head start. It does so by teaching you the skills you’ll need to prepare for a career in the information technology field. While help desk work is often an entry-level position, it can lead to more responsibility and reward down the line. From our experience at Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centres, graduates from our IT program have moved into these careers:


Companies are becoming increasingly reliant on computers to handle all aspects of the business, from the day-to-day tasks to keeping track of the company’s overall financials. As a result, they need employees who can maintain both their computers and their network. If the computers don’t work, the company often cannot function; so computer and network administrators play a vital role in building and maintaining a successful company.


Also referred to as information technology (IT) administrators, or IT project administrators, these employees are responsible for all aspects of the company’s computer-related activities. Initially, they help to set goals for the company. Then, they determine how the company’s technology can help them meet those goals. Implementing and updating all computer systems are essential tasks that system administrators need to cover.


Computer support specialists do exactly what the name implies: they support people in using computers. Depending on their exact position, they can help provide support to IT employees within the organization, or to non-IT employees who are having trouble with their computers.


Customer service representatives are there to help the customer with any issue they may be having. Whether it’s a problem with an order, or trouble using the company’s site, customer service representatives need to be familiar with both technology and company practice and policy. In this way, they are better able to effectively help their customers.


This name covers a wide range of tasks. People in this field do everything from answering phones on multiple lines, to scheduling appointments, writing/proofreading messages, filing, etc. They’re the lifeblood of the office, and those who have A+ or Network+ knowledge are that much more valuable.

As the need for technology in business continues to grow and expand, employees in the fields of information technology are needed more and more. It’s essential that they have the right skills in order to be successful in these positions. A Help Desk Network+ Certificate of Completion can be just the thing you need to jumpstart your exciting new career!

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