Career Services

So you did the right thing and decided to get a degree or certificate from Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers.

But you want to know what happens when you finish. You want to know what it will take to get the right job.  Well, of course no school can guarantee job placement but at Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers, we understand how difficult the job search can be, especially in competitive markets throughout the country.

That’s why we do our best to help our graduates with their job search. We don’t just offer great training — that’s only one part of it. We also offer a lot of help getting you started on your new career.

Here’s what we do for you.

Career Services. Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers has a dedicated team of employment professionals whose job it is to help you get a job. They’re available to partner with you for pretty much every step of the search process. Our Career Services professionals can help you:

  • Write an effective resume
  • Target the right career
  • Sharpen your networking skills
  • Shine at your job interview
  • Negotiate your salary and benefits

Career Portal. This is a really amazing service available only to Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers students and graduates. It’s a one-stop website with tons of in-depth information to help you find the job that you deserve. With our Career Portal you get:

  • An easy way to search more than 1000 job boards
  • Free weekly webinars for job seekers (with Q & A!)
  • Access to valuable (and free!) job search resources to help you target companies and craft a resume
  • Connections to leading job search experts
  • An extensive library packed with articles, video, audio and webinars to guide you through your search

Employer Center.  Not only do we help you find the right employer. We help employers find you. Our Employer Center an easy way for great companies to connect with Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers’ students. We have regular job listings from fantastic companies throughout the Unites States. And we’ve seen Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers Graduates go on to promising careers with:

    • Software companies
    • Health plan administrators
  • Employment agencies
  • Cruise lines
  • Leading banks

Too many colleges and training centers believe that their work begins and ends with training. At Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers, we believe that’s only part of it. The other part is helping you get to where you want to be — working a meaningful, challenging well-paid job.