How does the Role of Legal Office Assistant Differ From Other Jobs in a Law Office?

Paralegal, legal assistant and legal secretary – what do these positions specifically do? There are many roles within a legal office that collectively work together to support lawyers and keep the law firm or organization running smoothly. It is important to have the terminology straight to understand which career would be best suited for you!

What Does A Billing Clerk Do?

If you are good with records and looking for a career with a bright outlook, Billing Clerk could be the career for you. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field is growing faster than average, and will hire 174,100 over the next ten years. So far so good, but what does a

10 Benefits of Getting an Online Degree

The Internet has given us the opportunity to do many wonderful things that were not possible several years ago, including furthering our education. Two of the biggest reasons people don’t pursue a degree is because they can’t always make it to class and they can’t afford it. Choosing to pursue an online degree helps solve both those

How to Become a Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Do you love working with employees? Have you ever thought of helping other staff members with understanding their company benefits or arranging exciting company events? Would you even like to help in the hiring process? If any of these exciting projects catch your interest, then exploring courses focused in the field of human resources may be just

Web Development Career Outlook: 2016

Twenty years ago, there was no such thing as a web developer. Now, everyone from large corporations to small non-profits need to have at least one web developer on their team. Because the web development career category has been growing so quickly, many developers in the field don’t have a degree in web development. They may have a

Top Career Outcomes With a Help Desk Certificate

As the name implies, people who work at technology help desks are there to troubleshoot when someone has a problem. Consequently, these employees should know about both Microsoft Office applications, and information technology concentrations like CompTIA’s A+ and Network+. But what if you don’t want to be at a help desk forever? What career outcomes can you expect in

Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers Appreciates Teacher’s Day

The impact a good teacher has on our lives is priceless and often immeasurable. Many people, even in adulthood, appreciate teachers who improved or changed their lives when they were growing up. But not everyone has what it takes to be a teacher; that’s why it’s important to let our teachers know how much they’ve helped us. Of

Front-End Web Developer vs. Back-End Web Developer: A Guide to Web Development

In just a couple of decades web development has gone from a brand new job to a fast-growing industry. Almost everyone needs their own website, whether personal or professional, and most need a web developer to build their website for them. But can one person still do the whole job? As the industry continues to grow, it


Twenty years ago, there was no such thing as a web developer. Now, everyone from large corporations to small non-profits seem to have at least one web developer on their team, that’s if they don’t have a whole department dedicated to web development. Because technology and the web development field have been growing so quickly),


Help Desk Certificate Career Outcomes As the name implies, employees who are hired with a help desk certificate education are hired to work at help desks, and assist when someone has a problem. As a result, these types of employees have to be knowledgeable about computing and information technology in order to be able to provide the best