ESL Program in Pembroke Pines 


Learn the English Language with our ESL program in Pembroke Pines— and Increase Your Chances of Getting a Better Job in the U.S. or Around the World

 Photo looking from the ceiling, down at a red, conversation bubble-shaped sigh being held by 4 pairs of hands. The text on the image says Learn a new language.

Want to speak, read and write English? Consider Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers — we have a great English as a Second Language (ESL) program in Pembroke Pines or Online.


It’s a computer-based program that combines vocabulary, reading and writing instruction with real-life conversational interactions. Our comprehensive ESL program will help you become more confident in English, and your improved English-language skills will make you a more attractive candidate to employers.


Our ESL program carefully monitors your development at every step of the process. First, we administer the CASES pre-assessment test, which helps us determine where you are with your English. Then, at every level, we administer a post-assessment to measure your progress.


There’s also an opportunity to continue your education with one of our Certificate or Degree programs! Students are also invited into TOEFL preparation for those desiring to continue their education into a University setting where passing the TOEFL test is a requirement.


With our goal of improving the quality of life Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers is ideal for working professionals looking to upgrade their employment skills or train for an entirely new career, as well as people with family obligations or limited transportation options. Our Pembroke Pines location has flexible class-times and is accessible by public transportation, or you may choose to train from home through our online ESL training program.


Since 1993, our customized skills training has educated thousands of students in Miami and other locations in South Florida. Call us today to learn how we can help you improve your English — and improve your job prospects!

Classes Start Daily

No wait lists or juggling schedules. Classes start every day and training schedules are personalized so you choose the right time to fit education into your life!